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includi is a marketplace for Aged Care and NDIS providers to add to their portfolio to empower their clients and participants who are experiencing loneliness.

Here at includi, we know that it takes more than technology and access to social events to address loneliness. We also know that we need to move beyond crisis lines.


We focus on understanding the root cause of your client's loneliness and deliver social cognitive counselling to prepare them for developing deep connections. We then arrange suitable online channels or community events for your clients to engage with.


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Getting started

You've probably attempted to address loneliness in your client base in the past and been dissatisfied with the results. At includi we have seen these programs and they range from welfare calls, technology, and assembling lonely people together. We know this is not the answer and we are here to transform your approach.

First, we assess your client as an individual and work on their ability to interact with others. During this process, we match them with their own interdisciplinary team, comprising of 3+ allied health workers and volunteers and follow a curriculum to develop soft skills.

Then we arrange a series of opportunities for your client to meet people online and in person to engage in activities of interest and form deep relationships. We only need one or two new deep relationships to make all the difference in your clients' lives.

Then we continue to check in with your client to provide more coaching on developing long lasting relationships.

Finally, when all parties are satisfied, your client graduates from the program and lives a higher quality of life.


Co-design and pilot

Getting started

We are interested in delivering a fit-for-purpose service for you and your clients and would like to chat with you about the features that you think are important to address loneliness.

We are also scouting for a pilot group to be part of the first release of includi, so if you have one or two clients that you think would benefit, we'd love to hear from you.

To meet with the includi team for a quick video chat, please use this booking link or email us at

What's in it for my business?

Offering a solution to address your clients' loneliness in a sustainable way delivers:

  • improved quality of life for your base

  • a new revenue stream, without adding headcount

  • a way to remain relevant and competitive in a crowded market

  • a springboard for innovation in solving complex social issues


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